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Manicure Mistakes We All Make

Manicure is one of the activities that are embedded in our day to day life. It gives us the narrative of beauty and complements our outing. However, our research at Dechristie’s Ruby has shown many people are doing it wrong.

In this write-up, we want to show you what people need to change in their manicure experience

Applying thick layers of nail paints

Do NOT apply more than one stroke. You know why? Adding two or more strokes makes your nails to be untidy and also prone to smudges. To make you look elegant, carefully apply just a stoke

Not using a base coat

The base coat has been proven to prevent your natural nails to get stained by some strong nail colours and makes your manicure to stay longer. Do not join individuals that believe base coat is not important or using same a shade as the base as well as the top shade.

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Shaking your nail polish bottles

It is a general believe that shaking polish bottles will enhance even mixing of the colours, meanwhile, this acts will lead to generating of bubbles that will make your nails look messy.

Using a quick-dry type of products

The generation today believes in instant results and due to the same reason, a large number of women believe in a quick-dry type of nail products. But, these type of nail paints not only make you nail polishes dry in no time, in fact, they also take away natural shine and moisture of your nails making them super dry.

Washing hands with hot water

Hot water or even the lukewarm type of water is an enemy of the nail paints and especially the nail arts. Washing your hand with hot water after getting the opi french manicure can undoubtedly reduce the lifespan of the nail art and can also steal away the shine of the nail art or the nail paint

Cutting the cuticles

Cutting away your cuticle is perhaps the biggest ever mistake that you could make. It is believed that the cuticle is the part of the body and cutting them can lead to infection in the body. A better method for the same is to slightly push away the cuticle using the cuticle softener or remover. Also, you can make use of the same after a shower when the cuticles are naturally soft and easy to push off.

Using Q-tips for cleaning

Most of the manicure parlours make use of the Q-tips to clear all the mess that surrounds the nail area. But doing the same has a huge amount of risk as the cotton that is present at the tip of the Q-tips have a very high chance of getting stuck to the nail paint or the nail art and can ruin your nail paint or the nail art. Therefore, using a Q-tip will not make all your mess clean but will eventually bring in more amount of mess for you.

These are just a few of the innumerable types of mistakes that most of us and even the professional nail artists attempt while doing the manicure for most of us. Therefore, taking a look at each one of them will help you omit or prevent such mistakes. Also, some of the exclusive ranges of manicure sets, for opi french manicure, are available at the gel nails. Taking a look at the same if surely worth a while if you are a beauty-conscious person.

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